The Return Series - by Inelia Benz
Planet of Entry - by Inelia Benz
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About this series

The Return

The 30,000-year-old Anin issues a telepathic order towards Earth. The child with the soul of his queen needs to be found and protected.

He is not the only one looking for the child. Fearful humans and plotting ET races have other plans. Killing and dissecting the powerful little girl would serve them well. Old friends turn traitors and old foes turn into unlikely allies as the little queen draws around her The Guardians.

The vast power she childshly yeilds brings her ancient mother to her knees.

Earth Files

The “Earth Files” book is here to expand on the story of humanity through the eyes of our favorite characters as well as through new characters who bring our history and evolution to new levels of understanding and awareness. Throughout the proofreading of this novel, my fabulous volunteers kept going into altered states of awareness, and had many aha moments which positively affected them.

Authors write novels for different reasons. Sometimes it is all they can do to stay sane as these stories come in one after the other to be told. Others do it because it is something they love doing. Others will write novels to change the world. My reasons are all of the above and also because I really enjoy spending time with the characters.

Planet of Entry

The Saga Continues.

Reviews From My Readers

The Return

⭐ The book has grabbed me from the first chapter till the last. Beautiful book with so much information, like all her books have, they are transforming me everytime. - MDeleth
⭐ Just finished the book. How fascinating and touching it is. Information probably keeps filtering in, yet Source Bliss is what stands out to me the strongest. right now. Thank you for your wonderful books and ‘sharings.’ - Sussane Roshi
⭐ I loved this book from the very first to the last word written. My heart was racing the entire time I was reading it. Please, consider writing a sequel. I want to know what happens next. If we were neighbors, I would be knocking on your door to find out what happened to all the characters! - Teslaac

Earth Files

⭐ Fasten your seat belt for a trip to expand your awareness at all levels. Inelia is a brilliant writer and teacher that through the expression of each character in this book, invites us to reflect and to look deeper within ourselves to reach our full potential as a human collective! - Iliana Rojero Wilson
⭐ Readers be ready for a life changing adventure that will open your heart to a higher level where you will see, feel and experience the many worlds around you... around us. - Beverly DeMangus
⭐ Every time I read Inelia’s books again, I discover new information that I am sure was not there the first time I read it. The Earth Files is a multi-layered book, like all Inelia’s books, full of invitations for expansion of your awareness, taking you from Earth to beyond the edges of the universe, wrapped in a story that warms your hearth and makes you feel whole again. I cannot wait for this book to be made into a movie!!! - Nicolette Theunisz


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